Program 2013


PfC 2013 focused on youth empowerment. How do we unleash the inherent potential in this generation? How do we empower them to help shape a sustainable and stable future?

In plenary sessions, distinguished keynote speakers highlighted their experiences and personal stories, followed by panel discussions onstage with relevant leaders and change-makers. Issues introduced in plenum were explored in more detail in parallel breakout sessions, allowing for a closer engagement of the audience.

The breakout sessions were slightly broader in topic than the rest. In addition to presenting youth projects, these breakout sessions addressed challenges such as improving women’s healthcare, securing decent workers’ conditions, and developing socially sustainable business solutions. These sessions were intended for businesses, NGOs, and other attendees to learn, get inspired and connect with actors working to promote conscious and ethical business behavior.

May 15th

08:00-08:45 Registration - Foyer

Registration, coffee and mingling.

Session one

09:00-09:20 Welcome and introduction - Scene 2

The annual PfC conference provides an arena where influential international leaders and grass root changemakers from business, politics and civil society meet to unleash the power of partnership in social innovation. By highlighting trends, innovative solutions and personal stories, the PfC conference aims to inspire action and promote collaboration towards a common goal.

The PfC Empowering Youth conference addresses how we can unleash the inherent potential in this generation, and how we can empower youth to help shape a sustainable and stable future.

In breakout sessions we will discuss whether we need to rethink education, the importance of values, and how technological development can help unleash the power of the young generation.

Speakers: – HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit – Ingrid Stange, founder Partnership for Change

Artistic performance: – GatekunstAkademiet, dance performance

09:20-10:30 The value of creativity and passion - Scene 2

We all possess distinctive talents. Yet, significant qualities risk being undervalued in a culture of conformity. The motivation released when youth are allowed to make use of their talents is immensely valuable. It is crucial to understand how to unleash these unique qualities. Solutions to the challenges of our society will not be found unless we cultivate creativity and passion in education, business, and the community in general. We meet outstanding individuals who uses their creativity as a tool for success.

Moderator: Namra Saleem, TV host NRK

Speakers: – David Sengeh, Ph.D. candidate (MIT) and entrepreneur – Kjetil Thorsen, Snøhetta. Keynote. Speech titled: “Transposition Yourself” – Kyrre Lien, photographer

10:30-11:00 Coffee break - Foyer

Coffee and mingling.


Session two

11:00-12.00 Youth - an essential asset for driving values - Scene 2

In our highly interconnected world we will be marginalized unless we respect and understand those around us. The skills and qualities needed to internalize these values are more important than ever, and the young generation is far better at realizing this than adults. How can we empower youth to maintain and drive good values in business and society at large?

Moderator: Kristoffer Rønneberg, journalist

Speakers: – Kjell Magne Bondevik, Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights – Rune Bjerke, Group chief executive, DNB – Marianne Barner, Senior Advisor Sustainability IKEA – Saji Prelis, Search for Common Ground – Navjot Kaur Sandhu, Mentor Global Dignity, Chairperson Minotenk

11:00-12.00 Good intentions meet the real world - Prøvesalen

International businesses face dilemmas every day in their global operations. How do they ensure ethical conduct working under complex conditions and global supply chains? We present companies who continuously seek to strike a balance between doing business and “doing good”.

Moderator: Kjersti Fløgstad, Chief Executive and advisor at CSR consultancy GoodBusiness

Speakers: – David Grayson CBE, Professor of Corporate Responsibility, Dir. the Doughty Centre of Corporate Responsibility – Trude Ertresvåg, Head of CSR Rema 1000 – Per N. Bondevik, IEH – Randi Bjørgen – Håkon Ødegaard

12:00-13:00 Lunch - Foyer

Lunch in the foyer.


Session three (choose between 3 parallel sessions)

13:00-14:30 Think Big, Start Young, Shape the World - Scene 2

Solutions to global challenges must engage youth. This generation is at the forefront of change. They have the idealism, boldness and ability to think new – not yet hampered by conventional “truths” of constraint. Groups and individuals can make a difference, and today’s technological opportunities provide possibilities to shape the world already at an early age. How can society encourage and support youth to take early action?

Moderator: HRH Crown Prince Haakon, Young Global Leader

Speakers: – Jeremy Heimans, founder & CEO – Jørn Lyseggen, founder Meltwater – Anne Louse Hübert, Global Shaper and founder Aid in Africa – Karl Johnny Hersvik

Artistic performance: – Joakim Røbergshagen, violinist

13:00-14:30 Training for the Real World - Formidlingssenter

Youth unemployment is at an historic high in Europe. Many business leaders still complain of the difficulty in finding the right talents. Globalization and technology are rapidly changing the requirements of many jobs, but graduates do not have the appropriate skills. How do we ensure educational programs that prepare teens for a modern labor market?

Moderator: Gry Myklebust, Virke

Speakers: – Kevin Munday, Think Forward – Ine Marie Eriksen, Høyre – Pål Wibe, CEO Nille – Øystein Gilje, Researcher University of Oslo – Axel Fjeldavli, chairman Elevorganisasjonen – Hicham Chahine, Head of Formuesforvaltning’s trainee program – Inspiro Entrepreneurship Program, Student from Drammen Videregående Skole

13:00-14:30 The Power of Collaboration - Prøvesalen

The complexity of our interconnected world is too large for any one actor to solve alone. Society needs to collaborate to combat poverty, avoid social unrest and sustain the natural environment. What are the experiences of current partnerships, and how can business and NGOs better address issues concerning youth and future needs? What kind of innovation do we need?

Moderator: Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg, founder and managing partner of Pure CSR

Speakers: – Ragnhild Østmo, Kirkens Bymisjon – Selma Mehmedovic, Røde Kors – Øystein Botillen, Yara – Anne Katrine Wahl, Tine – Annabelle Lefebure, Varner Gruppen, Kai Gulbrandsen, CEO Princess and Anne Brude, Save the Children. – Bjørn Kjos, Norwegian – UNICEF

14:30-15:00 Coffee break - Foyer

Coffee and mingling.


Session four (choose between 3 parallel sessions)

15:00-16:30 The Future of Education - Scene 2

Education is the key to innovation and development – a crucial tool to equip youth to build a future and contribute in society. Since 2000, countries have invested 35% more in education systems. What makes excellent learning? What tools are most effective? Are we taking advantage of new research and technology?

Moderator: Ingrid Stange, founder Partnership for Change

Speakers: – Steve Hughes, Director of The Center for Research on Developmental Education – Rebecca Stoeckle, Vice president EDC’s Health and Human Development Division – Tom Isherwood, Manager at McKinsey & Company – Rolv-Erik Spilling, Head of digital services Telenor – Jonas Ghouchbar, Khan Academy Norwegian

15:00-16:30 Youth at the Forefront of Tech Development - Formidlingssenter

Youth have a unique ability to innovate, adapt and make use of technological solutions. Young entrepreneurs are successful in shaking things up. Tech development offers new opportunities for empowering young people worldwide – advancing skills, providing education and labor to groups formerly excluded from such opportunities. What can we learn from these pioneers and which untapped opportunities lay ahead?

Moderator: Lisa Cooper

Speakers: – Barry White, US Ambassador to Norway – Rolv Assev – Daniel Rees, Holder de ord – Archna Sharma, Senior Advisor Innovation Norway – Anders Mjåset, Co-founder Mesh

15:00-16:30 Innovating for the future - Prøvesalen

While technological shifts used to be a challenge, change has now become commonplace, and often takes the form of disruption. In very short time, a product can be totally obsolete – threatening a whole industry. How can business be prepared to meet – or lead – this development?

Moderator: Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg, founder and managing partner of Pure CSR

Speakers: – Anne Kjersti Fahlvik, Norwegian Research Council of Norway – Catarina Midby, HM – Powerhouse, Carl Henrik Borchsenius, Entra and Jørgen Fjelstad, Skanska – Fredrik Syversen, IKT Norge


May 16th


Session one

09:00-10:30 - Seeing the Potential in Each Individual - Scene 2

Children have various interests and abilities. The natural consequence is that some will not fit into conventional education and labor. Seeing the potential in each individual – identifying capabilities rather than challenges – is key to leverage untraditional strengths. How do we ensure the opportunity for youth to feel valued and how can we make use of their unique qualities in school, work and the society in general?

Moderator: HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Speakers: – Richard Gerver, Educator – Sven Mollekleiv, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and President of the Norwegian Red Cross – Tore Christiansen, co-founder Scandinavian Fittings & Flanges – Ingebjørg Mæland, Arbeidsinstituttet – Nicolai Paulsen Ludvigsen, Pøbelprosjektet – Tine Sydtskow, Arbeidsinstituttet – Eddi Eidsvåg, Pøbelprosjektet – Yusuf Abdirahman Ismail, Manager IT Dep. Posten Norge – Elisabeth Gjølme, Senior Vice President at Communication Posten Norge

Artistic performance – The Norwegian National Opera Children’s Chorus, Opening Performance – Sarah Ramin Osmundsen

10:30-11:00 Coffee break - Foyer

Coffee and mingling.


Session two

11:00-12:30 - Ensuring a Sustainable Legacy for the Next Generation - Scene 2

Over the next decade, there will be a need for 600 million new jobs. The old model of growth at all cost is no longer feasible if people are to live well within the boundaries of our planet. Emphasizing sustainability might not only save the planet, it can drive innovation, new industries and businesses. We have a responsibility to hand over a resilient welfare state to coming generations. How do we plan for this and what structural reforms are required?

Moderator: Ingrid Stange, founder Partnership for Change and Namra Salem, TV host NRK

Speakers: – Sigbjørn Johnsen, Minister of Finance Norway – Erin Schrode, founder The Schoolbag – Birikit Terefe, Executive Director of Women’s Health Association of Ethiopia – Patrick Vieira, co-founder Diambars, Football Development Executive Manchester City, and former world class football player – Aly, Diambars Alumni

Artistic performance: – Frikk Heide Steen singer, Torgeir Koppang piano

111:00-12:30 - Tapping the Potential in Diversity - Prøvesalen

The workforce is rapidly changing both in Norway and other countries. Economic crisis as well as conflict and poverty makes people seek opportunities away from home. How do we accommodate for different background and abilities? How to make use of the skills and potential they possess? How can business better appreciate national and cultural differences as assets rather than liabilities?

Moderator: Lisa Cooper

Speakers: – Hanne Løvstad, My Call – Colin Campbell, Norway Post’s trainee program – Petter Stordalen, CEO Nordic Choice Hotels – Stina Billinger, Storebrand


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